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Our company

Our commitments

Beauty, rarity, authenticity, ethnological... these are our criteria for selecting pieces of tribal art that we sell. A single selection on the internet, at affordable prices for collection and decoration!

For 30 years, we collect African art from collections, galleries and villages of Africa. Each of our African art object is unique, with large decorative qualities conform with the aesthetic values and the ritual activities of the ethnic that has done. Wear, patina and repairs can attest to their cultic use and give them an extra soul.

Our selection of Aboriginal Art reflects our desire to share our passion for this light art to vibration extraordinary.. Each piece is accompanied by a original certificate of its author.

We propose to you masks and statues from the Himalaya and south-east Asia whose stunning beauty, away from Western aesthetic values, rarity and authenticity are sure to captivate you.

Finally we are pleased to show you océanic art which quality, authenticity, strong personality and amazing presence will conquer you. All our artworks are sold with invoices and certificates of authenticity.

Competitive rates

On art- africain.fr, our desire is to recruit and retain customers over the long term by offering beautiful pieces at very competitive rates. We buy and sell with a reasonable margin in a quality attitude, respectful of the client.

For Aboriginal, Oceanic, south-east Asia and Himalayan arts, to help people discover these arts, we practice very attractive rates compared to our competitors online and offline. There is no doubt that buying at these prices is already a bargain. It will be even more so when the ratings will fly when these arts will be known.

For African art we challenge anyone to propose items, as beautiful as those we sell, cheaper. We offer interesting objects especially in terms of prices that reflect market reality which is a much mature market than the 2 previous ones. Internet enables us to buy and sell cheap and we offer very beautiful and competitive pieces for less than € 1 500. Let us give you some informations on this african market: a mask or a statue from a "late" period for the specialist but still made on site by the appropriate ethnic group and for tribal activities is a thousand Euros worth. There are remote areas of Africa where animist cults are still practiced. A piece of art old well made, made in 1950’s worth at least € 3,000 or more likely around € 5,000. In this market a beautiful Yaure mask which has not "danced", is € 3 000 worth (see, for example: the sale from Ferri auction house at Drouot on 17/06/2011, with excellent expert Jean Roudillon). It is best to acquire an african art object from a range of price from 3 to € 5 000 with a certificate from a recognized expert or at least a reputable dealer of the profession. A rare and ancient object of desire for collectors is not much less than 10 000 Euros and for historical pieces one must be able to spend more than 100 000 Euros. Finally, keep in mind that the case of the french RMN (which sell all the art copies from the french museums ), immediately identifiable as copies, an art copy in plastic resin is sold around 600 € and a copy in bronze is sold 1 800 €! So. as far as rates below 1 500-2 000 € are considered, it is not unreasonable to buy a nice well-made art object for which you’ve fallen in love at first sight, without much financial risk.

See our article : African Art - false and expertise

Money back guarantee

We try to represent as faithfully as possible the objects on sale through numerous quality photos and reliable descriptions.

However, it is possible that when you receive your object it doesn’t have the desired effect, or that it just doesn’t quite fit into your home ...

So to reassure you, we offer 15 days of reflection , from the date of receipt of the item, return it to us in perfect condition. Upon receipt, we will refund the full purchase price, the cost of return that you pay.

Our company

The site art africain.fr is managed by the LLC WEB Strategy which is composed of passionate collectors of African art and of Internet experts.

Collectors of African art for 30 years

The passion for African art came to us, for most of us, thirty years ago, reading books about painters modern, such as Picasso, Braque, Leger, Modigliani ... These books demonstrate how these artists had inspired African art by putting in parallel on pages facing each other, the work of African sculpture and modern inspiration.
We sat at the dice collecting African art. First parts very cubist, performed by the Bamana and Dogon ... Then little by little, our tastes began to evolve according to our respective sensitivities, knowledge acquired in museums, exhibitions, galleries, books and discussions with experts.

Aboriginal art passionates

A passion for Aboriginal art came to us during the visit of the former museum of Africa and Oceania in Paris' 12th district, Golden Gate ...
Quite naturally, it seemed logical to promote Aboriginal art on a site of African art to illustrate both our personal journey and the fact that African art is best known in France as Aboriginal art .
All paintings sold on Australian art africain.fr are accompanied by certificates of authenticity from the author.

Magnetized by the Himalayan shamanic art

Our meeting with the Himalayan art was an aesthetic shock. Our eyes had been already educated by African art and there we found ourselves facing a new kind of art, unpredictable, whose economy of means, simplicity of forms continually renewed, threw ourselves into contemplation and made us feel new emotions. Once recovered from the culture shock facing this new form of beauty we decided to collect this kind of art and make it known through our site. Few people know popular and shamanic art of Himalaya because of distance, inaccessible regions, different culture and aesthetics... It is an art that deserves to be known and we want to be ambassadors. Dare to do this parallel: the popular and shamanic of Himalaya is less known in 2011 than was the African art in 1900. Bet in a few years the prices will fly.

Fascinated by oceanic art.

Like the surrealists before us in 1920, we were fascinated by the character "eccentric" exuberant rich of decorations of Oceanic art. We focus largely on the art of New Guinea, whether or Indonesian Papua.

Seduced by the primary arts of south-east Asia.

From Oceania, we made a slight geographical shift and were conquered by the primary arts of south-east Asia. We see in south-east Asia art a summary of sobriety, emotional intensity, mystery and strength of Himalayan art and elegance and grace of extreme oriental motifs. Indeed he settlement of people of Oceania and Southeast Asia has been made with several waves from prehistoric Asia which included Indonesia about 50 000 years before Christ. There has been a second important flow of people from the north of Indochina and Yunnan in China, there was 2500 years before Jesus Christ at the age of bronze. Connoisseurs also include in the sphere of artistic stylistic Southeast Asia art the Naga people living in Assam just near Bhutan the neighbor of Nepal. This Nepal is the heart of Himalayan art. Oceanic and Southeast Asia arts come from links patiently built with antique art galeries from these countries but also from Germany, Holland, England (former colonizers of New Guinea), Australia and finally United States.

Where are the objects of art we sell?

The paintings sold on aboriginal art from Australia and africain.fr close contacts with cooperatives and art galleries.

The African pieces sold on African-art.net were acquired in galleries, by auction or directly in Africa through a network of contacts of quality, patiently built by us in order to be able to find art pieces of excellent quality and to meet our Ethics goals. They can also come from our respective collections. Visitors of our website also propose to us to buy their African art pieces. We wish you will to feel much pleasure in contact of our art pieces. These are unique pieces of art that have inspired us a lot of emotion and wonder. They may, as such, have cracks, native repairs, missing parts...
The himalayan art comes from the Nepal, where a network of “touts” and “beaters” provides us with beautiful pieces from villages cut off the world.

Why did we create art africain.fr?

We have created art africain.fr for:
  • to promote African art through the parts sold and published many articles on the beliefs, rituals ... the various African ethnic groups.
  • help villages in Africa by creating a channel to distribute their works of art, they often sell to fund emergency expenditures, including utilities in the village.
  • To promote Aboriginal art which we see as a movement modern art major and more importantly a way to restore and publicize the civilization of this people.
  • Make popular and known shamanic himalayan art, oceanic and southeast Asia Arts.
  • finance the development of our respective collections.

Who are we?

WEB Stratégie SARL
RCS Nanterre n° 518 569 058
Capital : 8 000,00 €
Headquarters: 7, rue Angélique Vérien
92 200 Neuilly sur Seine
phone: 01 46 24 97 84
E-mail: marcdufourt@art-africain.fr
Publishing Director: Marc Dufourt

Computer and Freedom

The Site art-africain-website is reported in number 1413476 with National Computer Commission and Freedoms (NCCF) under Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms Each user has submitted personal information concerning the site has the right to oppose (Article 38 of the Act), access (Articles 39, 41 and 42 of the Act) and rectify (Article 40 of the Act) these data. Thus, it may require to be rectified, completed, clarified, updated or deleted information concerning which is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, outdated, or whose collection or use, disclosure or storage is prohibited. Each user can exercise these rights by writing to Art africain.fr 7, Angelique Verein Street 92 200 Neuilly sur Seine.

Art-africain.fr committed to secure your information and keep them strictly confidential

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