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 Bovid mask Chamba african art

Bovid mask Chamba - Nigeria

Ethnicity : Chamba
Country : Nigeria
Size (cm) : 50 H x 17 L x20 P
350 €
Unique piece - Ref : 137 - Delivery 48h delivery

Helm mask with a crusty browny red crusty patina, representing a bovid with two horns joining at the back of the head and a large half open mouth. The eyes are partly covered by the crusty patina. Sold with it's base. ...
Chamba Statue Chamba african art

Chamba Statue Chamba - Nigeria

Ethnicity : Chamba
Country : Nigeria
Size (cm) : 53 H x 11 L x10 P
500 €
Unique piece - Ref : 67 - Delivery 48h delivery

Chamba statues are not very common and their role is unknown. This statue has a very rich patina and is highly schematized. Chamba statues have some similarities with those of the neighbouring Mumuye people. ...