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Aboriginal art : tribal or contempory

Aboriginal art: tribal art or contemporary art?

The energy, the richness of Aboriginal art have led it to a recognition and universally admiration. Its paradoxical regeneration in contact with western civilization, by the tools (canvas, acrylic paints, etching ...), the confrontation with the modern world, the economic system of worldwide sales ... allowed it to escape from disappearance and to become a great contemporary art movement that has an important place in modern art. In such a context, the Aboriginal artist and his art also evolved in contact with the techniques, ideas, media, travels. At the same time the art stay rooted in the past and even if the techniques (canvas, acrylic paints..) have changed, the initiates, who only have the right to paint the mythical episodes of the Dreamtime, during which the ancestors gave a shape to the landscape and create life across Australia.

The aboriginal artist: artist or slave from the myths he has to paint?

Finally, even if the myths on the paintings have to be painted with following formal and strict guidelines, the fact remains that the artist has a real possibility to express his personal style, his sensitivity, particularly when he has to fill the background of the painting between the patterns. And some great painters, great initiates, and also spiritual leaders, who sell all their production,  do they take risks by changing their innovative style. These innovations can then be followed by other artists and create a movement, a school.