Vuvi , Objet art of the ethnic Vuvi -
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The Vuvi live in Gabon, with their neighbors Mitsogho in a remote area in the forest of the right bank of the river Ngoumé. This area is located near the border with the DRC Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)
They live off agriculture and fishing.

Vuvi masks have a flat shape, an open mouth, a small triangular nose, eyes elongate under eyebrows that start from the bridge of the nose to form on each side of a beautiful curve. These masks are covered with white pigments except the nose and eyebrows which are black like a thin line at the top of the mask representing the hair.
The Vuvi are known for their masks where one finds the influence of their neighbors, Mitsogho. Vuvi masks are more elongated than those of Mitsogho. They also have the distinction of having a brown stripe going down from the middle of the lower lip to the bottom of the chin. They have a flat shape, are extensively covered with white pigments and have a triangular chin.

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