Salumpasu , Objet art of the ethnic Salumpasu -
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Salumpasu produce very  well-known masks. These have a rounded forehead, eyes half oval with rounded lower lid, a triangular nose, a mouth rectangular with sharp teeth. Salumpasu masks can be fitted with bells in fiber plant hanging from the chin. They may be partially covered with copper plates and havethe top of the head covered by bobbles in vegetable fiber. These masks appeared at ceremonies organized by the society of warriors.

There are rare statues Salumpasu probably used in ancestor worship.
It is found that Salumpasu have borrowed from their neighbors and Lunda and Tshowkwé certain stylistic elements.

The Salumpasu live straddling the border of Angola and the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). They have for neighbors to the south named the Tshowke and the Lunda. Society is hierarchical with leaders. There is no centralized power but some leaders Salumpasu possessed considerable power and were able to have powerful armies to resist the attacks of Tshowké and Lunda. There were three grades in society: hunters, warriors and chiefs . The Warrior Society was a kind of counterweight to the hierarchy of society.

The Salumpasu practice agriculture, war and hunting.

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