Malinke , Objet art of the ethnic Malinke -
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The Malinke are neighbours to the Bambara, and they also speak a Mande language.

The Malinke: a style close to the Bambara with more elongated and aristocratic forms

The style of Malinke statues is close to those of the Bambara, however, the ensemble of shapes is more elongated. This results in more slender volumes than those of the Bambara, and with an aristocratic expression. The face has a long nose descending from the forehead, whilst the eyes and the cheeks are set back and are in a flat plane. Great care is taken in reproducing a plaited hairstyle. There are also Malinke statues that represent mothers with their children.

There are few masks specific to the Malinke people, and these are still similar to Bambara masks in regard to their geometric form, but their conception is more sophisticated. Most noticeable are the tops of the Tyiwara masks that have a more abstract plastic form than those of their neighbours.

Sculptures are very rare given that the majority of the population embraced Islam a very long time ago.

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