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These people are located north west of the Democratic Republic of Congo, along the river Kuyu.

Their creator God called Djo is imagined looking like as a snake

Previously, the Kuyu were divided into two groups: those in the west who liked the panther animal totem and those who are liked the snake totem animal.

A male secret society called Ottoté, played a particularly important role in the appointment of chiefs and maintenance of social cohesion.

There are sculptures of heads or entire characters whose the top of the head is covered with feathers or a lizard whose tail falls towards the back of the head or the head may be coated with a snakeskin . There are also heads with two shells separated by a central line which may be an allusion to the female ancestor. The faces carry scars on the forehead, cheeks and temples, they are rather signs than anatomical details. The eyes are narrow, small ears. Sometimes the open mouth revealing sharp teeth. The body is solid, the arms are separated from or bonded body. The body is covered with scars. The colors that can be used are ocher, white, red and black.

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