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Grebo masks

Grebo masks can be identified by their long nose placed in the middle of several pairs of tubular shaped eyes, sculpted on a board. These masks represented the spirits living in the forest. They were sculpted by high level initiates. The masks appeared during festivities consecrated to the initiates, or ceremonies in which all of the population participated.

There are no known Grebo statues.

The Grebo live on the coast of Liberia.

The Social Organisation of the Grebo

In contrast to the majority of populations in western Africa, the Grebo, like the Bete, are not structured by the Poro society that usually intervenes in both political and religious life.

Divided into clans, the Grebo chose a chief, called the Bodio, who lived completely isolated from the outside world. The Bodio equally had the role of the great priest. The Bodio spent his life meditating and subjecting himself to numerous taboos. The burden of this was so great and so restrictive that finally this institution disappeared altogether due to the lack of interested candidates.

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