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Bété live in Ivory Coast. They live together in villages rather large, this can be for security reasons. The villagers live under the authority of the oldest member of the most important family. This chef has a legal power to settle disputes and land allocation but also a moral authority.
The Bete were more hunters and cultivated only the minimum for subsistence.
Religion played an important role and served to maintain the good relations between the ancestors, the living people and nature.
Bete masks are known to perform rather terrifying masks with features very exaggerated, distorted: with horns, fangs, nails upholstery, prominent forehead, a nose whose wings could be the width of mask.
These masks had different functions:
• The preparation for war, to boost the fighting spirit of the warriors
• Chairing the peace ceremonies
• Participate in judicial decisions in everyday life.
Bete statues are rare.

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