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These people lived on a geographical area controlled by Bembe and live by hunting.

The Bassikassingo produced statues of ancestors called Mizi. They have long, cylindrical torso, shoulders square and a large head with the low part of the face bearing a triangular beard crenate. The nose is also triangular. Their eyes have a shape like coffee bean and are topped with eyebrow-shaped arc.

Masks are rare but we do not know what they were used for. They can be decorated with pigments in three different colors (white, brown, red, black). Like statues they have a triangular face. The face is decorated with a crenellated beard, a characteristic of this tribe. The mouth has a square shape.

The Bassikassingo live in an area northeast of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This region has been the subject of frequent population movements and ethnic groups can live in the same villages. You can find all together Bassikassingo,  Bemba, Legas ...

The village chief is the oldest person in the dominant lineage. The chief govern  helped by the leaders of the lineage who bow in reverence.

Each family has a shrine.

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